System Management

The System Management module provides easy access to system configurations, security, and user documentation.

Maintenance Management

The Maintenance Management module offers a comprehensive set of tools for the maintenance person as well as all levels of management. Keeping track of equipment, manpower, scheduling, and planning is made easy because is able to generate the following:

  • Work Orders, Released and Planned.
  • Order Status by Facility, Equipment, Project, and more...
  • Backlog by Maintenance Supervisor, Equipment, Foreman, and more...
  • Manpower Requirements.
  • Material Requirements.
  • Scheduling and Work Assignment.
  • Labor Reporting.
  • Material Usage Reporting.
  • Equipment Master and Bill of Material.
  • Equipment Costs by Order, MTD & YTD.
  • Equipment Work Order History.
  • Preventive Maintenance Masters.
  • Preventative Maintenance Order Generation.

Inventory Management

The Inventory Management module is rich with features and is fully integrated with the Maintenance Management module. The following are a few of the inventory features offers:

  • Inventory Masters
  • Inventory Valuation
  • Inventory search by Catalogue Number, Description, Manufacturer's Part Number, Part Category, Sub-Category, and more...
  • Location Masters
  • Serial Number Control
  • Supplier Information
  • A-B-C Inventory Analysis
  • Physical Inventory and Cycle Counting
  • Stock Status and Suggested Reorders
  • Reorder Conversion to Requisitions
  • Time-Phased Availability
  • Receipts, Issues, and Adjustments
  • Detail Transactions History

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